Dream Catcher Racing (DCR)  is set up to provide Fractional Ownership opportunities for members to  own an interest in an actively racing Standardbred racehorse. In  addition to our basic fractional ownership program, we  offer other plans or programs so that members can choose how they want to be involved. All current offers appear on  the Horses & Offers page.     

Plans and Programs

Members choose the program the best meets their needs:

  1. Basic Ownership
  2. Bundles
  3. Claiming Club

Contact us any time! Let us know your interests, ask questions, or just say "Hey"! 

  • You can email directly to DreamCatcherRacing@gmail.com
  • Or click the button below to fill out a contact form.
  • ....or just call Ken at 740-649-7795

Here are a couple pdfs you can download for more information.

Plans and Programs


Basic Ownership


DCR  will offer membership shares in a specific racehorse(s) at a price based  on the current market value of the horse. Each share represents a 1%  membership interest in that racehorse. 

Deposit.  In  addition to the share price, a $30 (per share) deposit will be  collected and will be credited against the first month’s expenses.   (This is a one-time only deposit and only applies to new members).

 Expenses – On-going  expenses will be billed monthly. For members who own 4 shares or less,  these will be billed at a flat rate which is currently $30/mo per  share.  A monthly statement will be issued the first  week of each month documenting expenses and earnings. If earnings exceed  expenses, a check will be issued; if expenses exceed earnings, payment  is due 10 days from date of the statement. 



Members  participate at the single (or higher) share level for a “bundle” of all the DCR  registered racehorses. Bundle packages are sized and priced “per start”  assuring the amount of race activity is known up front. This program targets those whose  priority is the entertainment; offers very minimal risk. Seeks larger  number of members.

  • Members receive 1% of net purse earnings of all “starts”.
  • One-time  buy-in cost per bundle set; fixed duration: from designated beginning  date until purchased number of consecutive starts have occurred. No  additional costs after purchase. All DCR starts count.
  • Kick off at start of each meet; eg, Fall Bundles will race primarily at Hollywood Gaming at Dayton Raceway.
  • However, bundle sets can be purchased at any time (if shares available) and can be extended.
  • See current offers for sizes and pricing. 


Claiming Club

 Members  contribute in advance for an aggressive claiming opportunity. Intended for those willing to accept risk for  potential rewards. Seeks smaller number of members and those who  understand risk and rewards of “claiming”.

  • Focused primarily on the mid-level claiming classes.
  • Minimum buy-in is 10 shares; additional is in 10 share increments.
  • Buy-in  is based on claim price plus 5%.
  • Monthly statements with expenses and earnings detailed.