2019 Scorecard 7-21-19 (pdf)


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Thursday, 7-25-19, GET ROCKIN, race 3, pp 2

Thursday, 7-25-19: VINOVIO, race 7, pp 3

Recent Racing Results


Thursday, 7-18-19: JJ TANNER (3/1) didn’t earn a check. He got away well from pp2 and “took command” with the lead at the quarter in 26.3. By the ¾ mark he had slipped out of gear and was going backwards like he had run out of air. Had him scoped: found he had bled which explains this trip and maybe last week’s. 

Tuesday, 7-16-19: GET ROCKIN managed to scrape out a 5th place check this afternoon. Leaving from pp1 he got away 3rd and was pretty much boxed in there for the whole trip. He held his own in the stretch drive; very tight at the wire between 3rd, 4th, and 5th place. Was hoping for a better finish but we’ll take the 5th

Saturday, 7-13-19: SUPER PAC HANOVER (44/1)  - despite being up in class and getting no respect from the public, SUPER PAC HANOVER was strong at the end again and finished a very respectable 3rd. Driver Josh Sutton guided him from pp 6 and raced from the back as is his liking. He went 3rd up and had to follow 3-wide cover but continued to advance steadily. Fourth in the final turn SUPER PAC HANOVER paced home in a quick 28.4 for a 1:52.2 mile. Happy with the 3rd place finish. https://youtu.be/hyOh9WL0IFI

Thursday, 7-11-19: VINOVIO finished 2nd in a dead heat. With driver Chris Page, VINOVIO did all the work up front leading the whole race. He was outpaced by the favorite in the stretch and beaten by just over a length. Satisfied with his performance in this 1:52.0 mile.

Tuesday, 7-9-19: GET ROCKIN (9/2) raced in a lower claiming class this afternoon and scored a 4th place finish. Starting from the second tier (pp10) again, he got off to a slow start and went to the outside early but still had traffic problems. ROCKIN had to go 3 wide before the last turn and was able to get up for fourth. Back in same class next week.

Tuesday, 7-9-19: JJ TANNER (9/1) did not want to race in the stretch and finished 8th in an otherwise promising trip. Even with pp 7 he got away well in 4th and flushed cover before the half to be 2nd up. TANNER was within a nose of the leader at the top of the stretch but as soon as he was challenged on the outside he seemed to drop anchor. Yet another frustrating performance. 

Saturday, 7-6-19: SUPER PAC HANOVER’S race looked almost like a repeat from last week. He finished 4th  again, but this week he had the 8 hole and driver Brett Miller wisely raced him from the back. Over 8 lengths back at the ¾ pole he made a 3 wide move off the final turn and really had the afterburners glowing to garner a 27.3 second last quarter! Missed being third by just a nose; it’s a game of inches and luck sometimes. He was better this week; mile went in 1:51.3, his time was 1:52.3 with that awesome close down the stretch. We’ll take the 4th and hope to draw better next week.

Monday, 7-1-19: Not sure what to think about VINOVIO’S 6th place finish at Northfield tonight. Yes he had the 2nd tier 9 hole but I would have liked to see him get away better than 5th. He road the rail to the half then went 2nd up and had to look 3 wide in the final turn. Tough trip. Racing luck I guess. Can drop down in class now. Mile went in 1:52.4; VINOVIO in 1:53.2.


Saturday, 6-29-19: JJ TANNER had post 7 again and squeezed out a tiny check for his 6th place finish. Driver Shawn Barker II took it safe off the gate and was able to come 2nd up making decent progress despite the quick fractions. Going 3 wide on the final turn he got to within striking distance at the top of the stretch; but the outside trip took its toll. Happy that he hung on for 6th, I guess. 

Saturday, 6-29-19: SUPER PAC HANOVER was 4th at Scioto tonight. Starting from pp4 with driver Trevor Smith, SUPER PAC seemed to actually back away from the gate at the start; he settled in next to last at the quarter. From there a tough trip on the outside resulted in slow progress toward the front getting to within 3 lengths of the leader at the top of the stretch. He powered home hard posting a 28.2 last quarter to be just 2 lengths behind the winner at the wire to finish 4th. A better start could have made a world of difference in his result.

 Saturday, 6-29-19: JJ TANNER had post 7 again and squeezed out a tiny check for his 6thplace finish. Driver Shawn Barker II took it safe off the gate and was able to come 2nd up making decent progress despite the quick fractions. Going 3 wide on the final turn he got to within striking distance at the top of the stretch; but the outside trip took its toll. Happy that he hung on for 6th, I guess. 

Saturday, 6-29-19: SUPER PAC HANOVER was 4th at Scioto tonight. Starting from pp4 with driver Trevor Smith, SUPER PAC seemed to actually back away from the gate at the start; he settled in next to last at the quarter. From there a tough trip on the outside resulted in slow progress toward the front getting to within 3 lengths of the leader at the top of the stretch. He powered home hard posting a 28.2 last quarter to be just 2 lengths behind the winner at the wire to finish 4th. A better start could have made a world of difference in his result.


Monday, 6-24-19: JJ TANNER (7/1) had another difficult Northfield trip from pp7 and finished outside the money. He got off the gate quickly but went wide in the turn and was hung out. He powered up on the outside to nearly catch the leader. But by the ¾ mark he tired and drifted back quickly to finish 7th. The mile went in 1:53.4 on a sloppy track.  https://youtu.be/AYhV6PQUNz4 

Saturday, 6-22-19 at Scioto didn’t produce the results we needed:

· VINOVIO raced really well. Was beaten by just over a length but that was only good enough for 6th. Amazing finish; you could throw a blanket over half the field at the wire! Happy with his performance; not so much the tiny check.

· SUPER PAC HANOVER raced much better this week but still ended up 6th. He got a good trip with driver Jeremy Smith and was third at the top of the stretch where he was just outpaced to the line in this 1:52.3 mile. Will get them next week.

-GET ROCKIN finished 8th again. Starting from the second tier, pp 10, the horse in front of him made a break at the gate forcing a very slow start for GET ROCKIN. He never really recovered and looked a bit rough in the turns. Think we need to write this one off and keep working on this guy.   

Tuesday, 6-18-19: JJ TANNER got a great trip and put in an excellent effort to finish 2nd this afternoon at Scioto. Alert off the gate and with a good move by driver Josh Sutton to secure the pocket at the 26.4 quarter, he stayed with the leader and went by him down the passing lane. He was overtaken in the stretch by the favorite who had the outside momentum. Happy with TANNER’S performance and result. Pointing toward Northfield for his next start next Monday.

Saturday, 6-15-19: GET ROCKIN finished 8th after a lack luster effort from pp 6 in this 1:53.3 claiming race. Working on some minor issues and back in at Scioto next Saturday. Will get him figured out.

Saturday, 6-15-19: SUPER PAC HANOVER (22/1) looked good the first half but failed to deliver at the end and finished 6th. He left the gate strong from pp 6 and secured the pocket by the quick 26.2 first quarter. By the ¾ mark he was beginning to fade. Driver Tyler Smith said “when it was time to go, he just pinned his ears and quit”. It was another fast mile, 1:51.1; SPC will have to get his head in the game to compete at this level. He is in-to-go this coming Saturday with a slight drop in class.

Tuesday, 6-11-19: ADIOS MAN had to settle for a 5th  place finish this afternoon at Scioto. He got away 4th then went “first-up” on the outside at the half to challenge the leader. They battled to the top of the stretch and on to the wire. The MAN was passed just before the line and beaten in a tight pack for 3rd & 4th. He raced fine; will be back in this same class next week. https://youtu.be/w5ZU4Tz_Zrc


Monday, 6-10-19: VINOVIO finishes a close 3rd tonight at Northfield. With pp2 and driver Hunter Myers, VINOVIO (3/1) fired off the gate for the early lead and set some hot fractions: 26.4, 28.0, 28.2. He staved off a challenge from the favorite and turned first at the top of the stretch. The #3 horse had the outside momentum and beat him to the wire by less than a length. A photo for place showed he just missed being 2nd by a head. VINOVIO raced great in this 1:53.2 mile; happy with his performance. https://youtu.be/c38DPu_Sgkc

Saturday, 6-8-19: GET ROCKIN netted a 6th place result in race 12 at Scioto tonight. Up in class in his first start off the claim and his win last week, he went off the favorite; GET ROCKIN was slow off the gate but powered toward the front on the outside as they passed the half. He made a 3-wide move at the ¾ mark but suddenly faded. His recover was too late finishing well back in 1:54.1. Need to figure this guy out; will be back next Saturday.

Saturday, 6-8-19: SUPER PAC HANOVER, finished 5th  tonight. SPC was off his game; he got away poorly and had a tough “rambling” trip. By the last turn he seemed to get his act together and clocked a 29.2 lq for his 1:52.4 mile.  This $20,000 claiming class had some pretty good horses and went in 1:51.3. So we’ll take the small check, re-group and be back.

Thurdsay, 6-6-19: JJ TANNER finished 7th. He had post 8 and seemed to get away poorly. He made a bold 3rd-over move at the half but still never got involved. Can't say he had a respectable performance this week; pretty disappointed.


Tuesday, 6-4-19: ADIOS MAN, fresh off his win last Monday, raced really well again and finished 2nd. He missed another win by literally inches at the wire! Going off the 8/5 favorite from pp1 in race 6, he was clearly the “one to beat”. He and driver Josh Sutton had the race their way; but the 5 horse came from the far outside down the stretch and got up to take the wire in the photo finish by just barely a nose. Strong performance by the MAN in his 10th start for us; will be moving up in class. https://youtu.be/yYytNJCWRj8

Monday, 6-3-19: VINOVIO finished 6th tonight at Northfield. Going off the favorite, from pp3, and a week off, we were expecting a different result. VINOVIO fired off the gate taking the lead and then yielding to the pocket in the :27.2 opening panel. He had a good pocket trip but begun to gap a little at the ¾ mile mark. Fourth thru the final turn he didn’t have that extra kick needed to battle the leaders in the stretch tonight. So he raced ok but not good enough for a check. https://youtu.be/llWB69qI7F4

 Monday, 5-27-19: After winning just 4 days ago, SUPER PAC HANOVER (7/5 favorite) brought home his 2nd check in less than a week with a strong 3rd place finish. With pp2 and driver Tyler Smith, he eased away from the gate getting away with a 5th place seat at the rail in the hot opening panel (26.2). He went first over in front of the grandstands and marched on to the front. A fast 27.2 3rd quarter (1:22.3) meant he had to “re-rally” in the final turn. He was coming hard at the wire but it was only good enough for third. The mile went in 1:51.3; SUPER PAC HANOVER’S time was 1:52.0 compared to his 1:53.0 win the other day. Happy with his performance.  https://youtu.be/cdLEHERTaV4   

Monday, 5-27-19: JJ TANNER was in race 5 with pp7 at Scioto this afternoon and turned in a respectable 3rdplace finish.  He got away 6ththen was 2nd up using his cover to make up ground and set up for a 3-wide move in the final turn. Two lengths back at the top of the stretch, he could not catch our old buddy WATERSIDE CHAMP (winner) and lost the call in the photo for 2nd. OK with this 3rd place finish; he can come back next week in this same class.    https://youtu.be/hecVd0kO4mo

Monday, 5-27-19: ADIOS MAN scores his first win for the DCR team! Leaving the gate in the center of the track, ADIOS MAN (9/5 favorite) challenged early for the lead and secured it in the 27.3 first panel. From there he and driver Josh Sutton were in command and gradually stretched out their lead to winby nearly 4 lengths in 1:53.4. Not an exciting race, but we’ll take it. AMhas been better each outing and clearly showed it today. https://youtu.be/hm6QosqOK7s 

 Thursday, 5-23-19: JJ TANNER picked up a 4th place check. TANNER had pp7 in the finale at Scioto Thursday. Driver Josh Sutton left the gate cautiously to assure he could be at the rail for the early going. He went out 3rd up at the half and gapped cover some. He finally rallied going 3 wide in the final turn and had to turn in the fasted last quarter, 28.2, to secure 4th in a photo. Less than 2 lengths off the winner he’d have challenged the leaders had he rallied sooner. TANNER will be ready for his next start on Memorial Day; drew pp7 again in same class. Expecting better results.

Thursday, 5-23-19: TWO BEAT finishes 8th after a lack luster performance from the 10 hole. He didn’t get away too well and raced from the back never really getting involved. He was claimed; hoping the new connections will find the key to this one. 

Wednesday, 5-22-19: Another win! SUPER PAC HANOVER gets it done in his very first start for the DCR team! Taking it easy off the gate, driver Chris Page raced from mid pack getting in the outer flow before the half. SUPER PAC made it look effortless going 3 wide to set up with the momentum coming off the final turn winning by a length and half in 1:53.0. Really happy with the race, the result, and the potential with our new boy! https://youtu.be/HnjkiGxriCE


Tuesday, 5-21-19: ADIOS MAN (9/2) scores a strong 2nd place finish in his first start at Scioto. With pp5 in race 10 of the afternoon card, “the MAN” showed what he could do on this 5/8 mile oval! Josh Sutton provided a great drive that gave him the pocket trip and set him up to challenge the favorite in the stretch. ADIOS MAN just missed the win by a neck with his 28.4 last quarter. Happy with his performance and his best finish for us so far. Knocking on that win door! https://youtu.be/9xqKRtzgJR4 

Monday, 5-20-19: VINOVIO races huge! Wins!! Starting from the 2nd tier in pp9 at Northfield, driver Chris Page guided VINOVIO to be 4th at the rail in a snappy 27.0 first quarter. From there he was clearly the best pulling out before the half in the 2nd up spot and going 3-wide to take the lead decisively in the final turn. Winning by two lengths in 1:53.1 with consistent fractions, Chris recorded another great drive and VINOVIO another sharp performance. https://youtu.be/zhkKlBaSaJ4 

Tuesday, 5-16-19: TWO BEAT had an outside post (8) again, this time at Scioto. He got away 6th and raced from mid-pack without much room to progress. He didn’t give up but the field was too strong for him close at the end. He finished 7th. Will be back next Thursday and hopefully will draw inside and show us what he can do.

Monday, 5-13-19: JJ TANNER put in a strong effort finishing 4th. With inside pp 2 in a full field of 10 he went off 7/2. TANNERgot away 2nd and pulled out early to challenge the leader. He raced outside for the rest of the mile; the tough trip left him a little soft in the last turn but he held on for a very respectable 4th in the 1:54.2 mile. OK with his performance. https://youtu.be/1TtgfnVBT3o

Monday, 5-13-19: VINOVIO was 2nd in a dead heat! In race 6 at Nfld, VONOVIO (9/5) and with pp4, pushed the gate away and took the lead. The favorite passed him at the half putting him 2nd where he sat til he made his move in the final turn. The dash for the wire produced a photo finish; he missed the win by a nose and had to share 2nd with the favorite. Great finish to the 1:53.3 mile; and great drive by Chris Page. Proud of VINOVIO. https://youtu.be/zvdXvdDlgDY

Tuesday, 5-7-19: ADIOS MAN raced huge tonight at Northfield! He finished 3rd, just beaten at the wire by half a length. With the pp9 second tier starting spot, the MAN (14/1) got away 3rd at the rail. Driver Chris Lems pulled him first-up coming to the half. At the ¾ pole he “shoved a nose in front”. He passed the leader (favorite) in deep stretch but was overtaken right at the line. Happy with his performance! https://youtu.be/QzVk8uh4x4w

Monday, 5-6-19: Not a good evening at Northfield for the DCRteam. 

· TWO BEAT raced ok from pp7 but wasn’t able to get involved; finished 8th

· JJ TANNER had the best draw, pp2, and went off the favorite. He challenged the leader from the outside and never saw a pylon. The tough trip and fast fractions proved too much; he had nothing left for the last quarter crossing the line 8th  

· VINOVIO’s outside post in the Open II turned out to be more than he could handle too; finished 6th.

Tuesday, 4-30-19: ADIOS MAN picked up a 4th place check this evening at Northfield. Getting away a covered up 5th from pp3, he race mid-pack until the ¾ pole where driver Chris Page moved him 3 wide in prep for the stretch drive. The MAN almost held on for 3rd but tired just a little in deep stretch. Think we can get ‘em next time.

Monday, 4-29-19: JJ TANNER had pp 7 in race 14 at Northfield tonight; he raced from the back making a huge 3-wide move in the final turn and blasting down the stretch to get up for a 4th place finish. He was only a half-length off the winner at the line! Nice showing for TANNER.

Monday, 4-29-19: VINOVIO was a hard fought 6th in the Open HCP at Northfield tonight. He raced really well getting away good from the second tier 9 hole and holding 3rd most of the race. The leader ran away from most of the field in this hot 1:50.1 mile. VINOVIO missed a check by just inches in the fourth place photo. Proud of his performance.

Monday, 4-29-19: TWO BEAT finished 7th after putting in a rough, outside trip from the 8 hole. The quick, 1:53.2 mile on a sloppy track, was too much for our latest acquisition. Satisfied with this new 6 year old’s performance. Happy to have him in the DCR stable.

 Tuesday, 4-23-19: ADIOS MAN finished 8th tonight at Northfield. He got away from pp5 to be 6th; made a move at the half gaining ground to be 4th only 2+ lengths back; but then quickly faded. Not sure why….. The mile went in a pretty brisk 1:53.3 but still disappointing. 

Monday, 4-22-19: JJ TANNER had the outside pp8 in a tough condition class tonight and couldn’t make anything happen. He finished 8th in a race that saw a lot of action up front and some snappy fractions in the 1:52.3 mile. May be able to move down in class next time. 

Saturday, 4-20-19: WATERSIDE CHAMP finished a disappointing 6th tonight at MVG. And he was claimed away as expected; so not the outcome we were looking for. He left from pp6 well and tried for the lead off the gate but he couldn’t clear after the “speed duel” with the #2 horse. He rode in the pocket ‘til the final turn and was really flat in the stretch. https://youtu.be/EFPfLUGRosA

Tuesday, 4-16-19: ADIOS MAN (3/1) finished 5th this evening at Nfld. He left alertly off the gate from pp3 rounding the first turn 3 wide but gaining the lead early. Then overtaken by #5 (4/5 favorite) the MAN got the pocket trip. When the leader broke stride briefly in the last turn, ADIOS MAN lost his momentum and quickly faded to 5th. An inquiry didn’t change the finish order. Think he raced well; will get them next week! https://youtu.be/LaQFeJeHZCU


Monday, 4-15-19: VINOVIO looked like he might hold off the favorite but it wasn’t to be as he finished 5th. He left the gate hard from pp5, in the Open II Pace with Greg Grismore driving; VINOVIO went right to the lead before the hot 26.4 qtr. He held the lead to the head of the stretch and lost more steam just before the line to finish 5th. His time was 1:52.1.