2019 Scorecard 5-18-19 (pdf)


Upcoming Entries

   ...starting the week at Norhtfield:

Monday, 5-20-19: VINOVIO, race 13, pp 9.

    ... then at Eldorado Scioto Downs:

Tuesday, 5-21-19: ADIOS MAN, race 10, pp 5, .

Wednesday, 5-22-19: SUPER PAC HANOVER, race 2, pp 3.

Thursday, 5-23: TWO BEAT, race 12, pp 10

Thursday, 5-23: JJ TANNER, race 13, pp 7

Recent Racing Results

 Tuesday, 5-16-19: TWO BEAT had an outside post (8) again, this time at Scioto. He got away 6th and raced from mid-pack without much room to progress. He didn’t give up but the field was too strong for him close at the end. He finished 7th. Will be back next Thursday and hopefully will draw inside and show us what he can do.

Monday, 5-13-19: JJ TANNER put in a strong effort finishing 4th. With inside pp 2 in a full field of 10 he went off 7/2. TANNERgot away 2nd and pulled out early to challenge the leader. He raced outside for the rest of the mile; the tough trip left him a little soft in the last turn but he held on for a very respectable 4th in the 1:54.2 mile. OK with his performance. https://youtu.be/1TtgfnVBT3o

Monday, 5-13-19: VINOVIO was 2nd in a dead heat! In race 6 at Nfld, VONOVIO (9/5) and with pp4, pushed the gate away and took the lead. The favorite passed him at the half putting him 2nd where he sat til he made his move in the final turn. The dash for the wire produced a photo finish; he missed the win by a nose and had to share 2nd with the favorite. Great finish to the 1:53.3 mile; and great drive by Chris Page. Proud of VINOVIO. https://youtu.be/zvdXvdDlgDY

Tuesday, 5-7-19: ADIOS MAN raced huge tonight at Northfield! He finished 3rd, just beaten at the wire by half a length. With the pp9 second tier starting spot, the MAN (14/1) got away 3rd at the rail. Driver Chris Lems pulled him first-up coming to the half. At the ¾ pole he “shoved a nose in front”. He passed the leader (favorite) in deep stretch but was overtaken right at the line. Happy with his performance! https://youtu.be/QzVk8uh4x4w

Monday, 5-6-19: Not a good evening at Northfield for the DCRteam. 

· TWO BEAT raced ok from pp7 but wasn’t able to get involved; finished 8th

· JJ TANNER had the best draw, pp2, and went off the favorite. He challenged the leader from the outside and never saw a pylon. The tough trip and fast fractions proved too much; he had nothing left for the last quarter crossing the line 8th  

· VINOVIO’s outside post in the Open II turned out to be more than he could handle too; finished 6th.

Tuesday, 4-30-19: ADIOS MAN picked up a 4th place check this evening at Northfield. Getting away a covered up 5th from pp3, he race mid-pack until the ¾ pole where driver Chris Page moved him 3 wide in prep for the stretch drive. The MAN almost held on for 3rd but tired just a little in deep stretch. Think we can get ‘em next time.

Monday, 4-29-19: JJ TANNER had pp 7 in race 14 at Northfield tonight; he raced from the back making a huge 3-wide move in the final turn and blasting down the stretch to get up for a 4th place finish. He was only a half-length off the winner at the line! Nice showing for TANNER.

Monday, 4-29-19: VINOVIO was a hard fought 6th in the Open HCP at Northfield tonight. He raced really well getting away good from the second tier 9 hole and holding 3rd most of the race. The leader ran away from most of the field in this hot 1:50.1 mile. VINOVIO missed a check by just inches in the fourth place photo. Proud of his performance.

Monday, 4-29-19: TWO BEAT finished 7th after putting in a rough, outside trip from the 8 hole. The quick, 1:53.2 mile on a sloppy track, was too much for our latest acquisition. Satisfied with this new 6 year old’s performance. Happy to have him in the DCR stable.

 Tuesday, 4-23-19: ADIOS MAN finished 8th tonight at Northfield. He got away from pp5 to be 6th; made a move at the half gaining ground to be 4th only 2+ lengths back; but then quickly faded. Not sure why….. The mile went in a pretty brisk 1:53.3 but still disappointing. 

Monday, 4-22-19: JJ TANNER had the outside pp8 in a tough condition class tonight and couldn’t make anything happen. He finished 8th in a race that saw a lot of action up front and some snappy fractions in the 1:52.3 mile. May be able to move down in class next time. 

Saturday, 4-20-19: WATERSIDE CHAMP finished a disappointing 6th tonight at MVG. And he was claimed away as expected; so not the outcome we were looking for. He left from pp6 well and tried for the lead off the gate but he couldn’t clear after the “speed duel” with the #2 horse. He rode in the pocket ‘til the final turn and was really flat in the stretch. https://youtu.be/EFPfLUGRosA

Tuesday, 4-16-19: ADIOS MAN (3/1) finished 5th this evening at Nfld. He left alertly off the gate from pp3 rounding the first turn 3 wide but gaining the lead early. Then overtaken by #5 (4/5 favorite) the MAN got the pocket trip. When the leader broke stride briefly in the last turn, ADIOS MAN lost his momentum and quickly faded to 5th. An inquiry didn’t change the finish order. Think he raced well; will get them next week! https://youtu.be/LaQFeJeHZCU


Monday, 4-15-19: VINOVIO looked like he might hold off the favorite but it wasn’t to be as he finished 5th. He left the gate hard from pp5, in the Open II Pace with Greg Grismore driving; VINOVIO went right to the lead before the hot 26.4 qtr. He held the lead to the head of the stretch and lost more steam just before the line to finish 5th. His time was 1:52.1.  

Monday, 4-15-19: JJ TANNER raced really strong at Nfld tonight finishing 2nd. At 5/1 in race #3 and with driver Chris Lems, he got away well from pp5. He pulled out early and took the long way around the flying turns. He was challenged by the favorite all the way to the stretch posting a quick 1:53.1 mile for second place finishing well ahead of the rest of the field. Happy with his performance. https://youtu.be/fGlHpBFnf3s

Tuesday, 4-9-19: JJ TANNER finished 6th this afternoon at MVG. After his win last Wednesday, our expectations were for a better outcome in TANNER’S first start (for us) at this track. He had post 6 and driver Josh Sutton. Getting away 4th he was looking good going 2nd up in the outer flow. But as the tempo picked up in the 3rd panel he wanted to “run out” and faded some. Even though he finished the mile in 1:53.1 it wasn’t good enough for a check. Disappointed but we’ll have him ready for next week. 


Monday, 4-8-19: VINOVIO does it again! “Two straight in the Buckeye state”!! Starting from the second tier, VINOVIO (9/5) and driver Greg Grismore didn’t waste any time getting to the front and by quarter in a hot  26.4. He stayed in command thru some quick fractions: 54.2 and 123.0. He was able to hold off a challenge from the favorite in the stretch to take the wire in 1:52 flat. Four wins already this year! Looks like he’ll be back in the Open next start.      https://youtu.be/IqLzxlJGQgE    

Saturday, 4-6-19: ADIOS MAN (12/1) finishes 6th in a dead heat. Driver Josh Sutton reined AM again this week with a good start from pp6. He settled in at the rail 4th then was 2nd up in the outer flow. He didn’t seem to have quite enough kick by the last turn and had to battle to hold on for a “shared” 6th place finish.  

Saturday, 4-6-19: WATERSIDE CHAMP wins big at MVG! Champ was back in the straight $15k claiming class Saturday night; he had Kane Kauffman in the bike and went off 15/1 from pp3. He launched off the gate taking the lead immediately and went gate to wire in an impressive win in 1:51.3. Great win but a little bittersweet since he was claimed away; best of luck to his new connections.  https://youtu.be/UcYsJfd2vV8


Wednesday, 4-3-19: JJ TANNER (2/1) makes it two wins in a row for the DCR team! Leaving from pp5 in race 14 at Northfield tonight, it didn’t look too good as he got away 5th and parked out. But he just started moving forward on the field and was still on the outside and advancing down the stretch for the win. Good drive by Chris Lems. Awesome effort by TANNER! https://youtu.be/fff7oatEeT0

Monday, 4-1-19: VINOVIO gets the win at Northfield! With driver Greg Grismore and going off the 4/5 favorite there were few surprised when VINOVIO won easily. He left hard from pp7 and settled in 4th.... but just for the backstretch. With a “brush and a rush” he took the lead at the half and never looked back. It was a quick mile for these condition pacers as VINOVIO tripped the timer at 1:52.2 with a 3 length advantage and a 28.3 last quarter. Congratulations to all his connections! https://youtu.be/kQiZHzigVXM


Saturday, 3-30-19: WATERSIDE CHAMP (10/1) raced like a champ tonight finishing 2nd! WC finally drew an inside post, pp2, and had Josh in the bike again this week at MVG. He got off the gate well taking the lead and holding it until the home stretch. Facing a mixed field of 15 and 20 claimers, and a head wind down the back stretch, ya gotta like CHAMP’S performance and 2nd place result! Congrates to all! https://youtu.be/_FGhtbixy7E

Saturday, 3-30-19: ADIOS MAN finished 3rd! The “MAN” was better this week; going off 35/1 from the second tier 10 hole, on a sloppy track with rain and wind, he pulled off a nice finish. Getting away 4th, driver Josh Sutton took him first up at the half. He was 3rd at the three quarter marker and was able to hold that position to the wire. Happy with this little guy’s performance tonight! https://youtu.be/S7-Gkj8fPQw 


Monday, 3-25-19: JJ TANNER got a rough trip and finished 5th in race 14 at Northfield tonight. Starting from pp6 he left well but was caught 3 wide in the first turn. Parked out with cover he held his own until driver Aaron Merriman had to try an early 3 wide move on the backstretch that didn’t work out. He ducked back inside for the stretch and finished 5th. https://youtu.be/WZS_b8-6C7Q 

Monday, 3-25-19: VINOVIO …… disappointing outcome! Raced really well against top horses in the Open HCP at Northfield. Finished 3rd but was placed 8th due to interference in the first turn. 


Saturday, 3-23-19: WATERSIDE CHAMP started from the far outside pp 9 and finished a satisfying 5th. Off the gate, WC (at 52/1 long shot) challenged the inside horses and ended up parked out with cover in 4th. With driver Josh Sutton, he ground on from there never seeing a pylon; going 3 wide in the last turn CHAMP held up well in the stretch drive able to secure the last purse spot. Rough trip, great effort.

Saturday, 3-23-19: Making his first start for the DCR group tonight at MVG, ADIOS MAN) (14/1) wasn’t able to earn a check. He left the gate alertly from pp4 then backed off before the quarter to settle in 4th. At the half, driver Josh Sutton pulled him first up and flushed cover; he looked well placed 3rd to challenge the leaders. But just after the ¾ pole, he began to show signs of tiring; by mid-stretch he was out of steam and coasted to the wire 9th in the 10 horse field. The trainer had him scoped after the race and found him to be a little sick with some mucus; that explains why he faded. Will get ‘em next week!  

Monday, 3-18-19: A disappointing outcome with JJ TANNER. He left alertly from pp6 taking the outside around the first turn to settle in 4th.  Staying in on the rail the outside flow left him little racing room. So no check again in his second start for the DCR squad; satisfied with his performance but not the outcome. May be able to drop down in class for his next start at Northfield.

Monday, 3-18-19: VINOVIO raced really well in the Open II at Northfield finishing a very tight 3rd. Going off at 4/1 he left pp5 hard and powered around the outside of turn 1 to take the lead in a hot :26.2 opening panel. Yielding to the pocket behind the favorite, VINOVIO stayed there until the last turn where driver Dan Rawlings rolled him to the outside for the stretch drive. He battled hard and was still closing at the wire; beaten by only a head. Pleased with the third place finish and his time of 1:52.2 with a 29.1 last quarter. https://youtu.be/xvRHbKPxK-Y

Monday, 3-18-19: WATERSIDE CHAMP couldn’t overcome the outside pp8 tonight and finished at the back of the pack. He was right there and can't fault his performance with a last quarter of 28.0. Will hope for a better post position next week. (Moved him back to MVG in the 15 claimer for Saturday and drew the 9 hole! CHAMP cant catch a break!)


Monday, 3-11-19: VINOVIO toughed out a rough trip finishing 5th tonight. Racing in the top class on the card at Northfield, the race 12 Open HCP, he hardly saw a pylon getting an early 4th over trip but hanging strong. He was still digging coming to the line, showing his usual grit. Happy with his performance. https://youtu.be/lkUleDcSU2o

Monday, 3-11-19: WATERSIDE CHAMP cruises to victory tonight to redeem himself after a 4 week drought. Driver Simon Allard got a nice pocket trip with CHAMP from pp5 in race 3 at Northfield. He was 4/1 and when the favorite failed to fire in the back stretch, Simon kept him on the leaders helmet until the final turn. He powered on by the leader and coasted across the line for the 2 length win. Check out the race video here: https://youtu.be/xUOo-fHfPV4


Monday, 3-4-19: VINOVIO raced well in the Open HCP class at Northfield, finishing a respectable 4th in 1:53.3. He worked hard off the gate from pp2 to secure the lead in a brisk 26.4 first panel. The favorite caught him by the ¾ pole, but he hung in there to be fourth by the wire earning a decent check for his connections. The mile went in 1:52.2 on a cold windy night at the Flying Turns. Here is the video: https://youtu.be/fPRouLvKX5M

Monday, 2-25-19: VINOVIO bottoms out the field on the Flying Turns of Northfield Park and wins in a new lifetime best of 1:50.4! Not much else to say except here's the video  https://youtu.be/JSWaHAzrLbE 


Saturday, 2-16-19: WATERSIDE CHAMP got a bad trip, through no fault of his, and for the 2nd week in a row. Frustrating when he has the talent and speed to be more competitive. Will make the necessary change for his next start.

Saturday, 2-16-19: VINOVIO finished out of the money. Leaving sluggishly from pp3 he was 5th into the first turn then went 2nd up in 4th place for much of the trip. He began to fade before the last turn and didn’t have enough to gain ground down the stretch. Clearly he was off so we had him scoped; determined he was a bit sick tonight which explains the way he raced. Will get him healthy and be back next week.

Saturday, 2-9-19: WATERSIDE CHAMP put in a great effort but didn't earn a check. He left hard from the outside post but couldn't overcome being 4 or 5 wide in the first turn and was parked out early. WC did get in to the pylons before the half but never found racing room. Good effort, bad trip, get 'em next week!

Friday, 2-8-19: ROCK OF THE AGES left from pp6 and was parked early; never saw a pylon and couldn't get to the front to challenge the leaders; finished 6th in this tough trip. He was claimed away.

Tuesday, 2-5-19: VINOVIO scores another victory for the DCR team! Congratulations to all connections and driver Trevor Smith! 

Tuesday, 1-29-19: WATERSIDE CHAMP looked really good leading the field after firing off the gate from pp7. On the front all the way to the last turn he was impressive; but he clearly tired and had nothing for his challengers down the stretch. He finished well out of the money but only 4 lengths back against a field of quality condition pacers. ……next week…. 


Saturday, 1-26-19: VINOVIO got a bad trip from pp8 and finished 9th. Trevor left hard from the outside post with him but as the field rounded the first turn he couldn't find a seat at the rail. Left “hung out” until almost the half he was shuffled even further back. He still had decent pace to the end charting a 29.1 last quarter. Horse was good; trip was crappy. Next week will turn the corner.

Tuesday, 1-22-19: BIG GREEN TRACTOR had the 9 hole against some good claimers; he pretty much stayed there.  Another disappointing week for the TRACTOR. 

Monday, 1-21-19: WATERSIDE CHAMP was 2nd this cold afternoon! Driven by Trace Tetrick and leaving from pp3, WC took the lead off the gate and kept it, setting very respectable fractions on the off track; 27.3, 56.3, 124.3.  He was challenged in the final turn by the favorite who out-paced WATERSIDE down the stretch in the 1:53.1 mile. Happy with his performance. The race video is up on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/WuUF-SyRSCk

 Tuesday, 1-15-19; BIG GREEN TRACTOR failed to earn a check again. He did draw better than last race leaving from post 4; he raced fine and steered better this race but at the end of the backstretch he just decided to shut down and retreated to the back of the field.. Can't figure this one out right now. A disappointing shade of GREEN.......

Saturday, 1-12-19: WATERSIDE CHAMP scored a 4th place finish. He got off the gate strong giving up the lead at the quarter to sit in the pocket thru the middle panels. The lead horse going into the last turn held WC up while much of the field went wide. CHAMP had to wait til deep stretch to get racing room and crossed the line 4th. Happy with his effort; just ok with the result.

Saturday, 1-12-19: VINOVIO put in a real respectable effort tonight in the Open, but tired a little late to finish 6th. He left alertly taking a seat at the rail 3rd; VINOVIO held that place to the last turn when he started to fade slightly. He tried hard early in the stretch but just couldn’t quite hold on for a check. VINOVIO will get to drop in class for his next start.

Saturday 1-5-19: VINOVIO raced very well against Open HC pacers finishing a respectable 5th. He was still digging at the wire which was good to see. Will be back to MVR next Sat in this same tough class of top overnight horses.  


1-2-19: First two races of the year were at Northfield and did not produce good results: 

BIG GREEN TRACTOR raced ok but wasn’t at his best; finished 7th. 

WATERSIDE CHAMP left alertly from pp6 but went way wide in the first turn and wasn’t able to recover; finished a disappointing 8th.  


2018 Year-end recap: Just some quick stats for the Dream Catcher Racing stable. We made 116 starts this year (compares to 72 starts last year) with 9 different horses. Total purse earnings were nearly $113,000; the team “hit the board” 39 times with 11 wins, 15 seconds, and 13 third place finishes. Looking forward to an even better 2019 and the opening of the Miami Valley Gaming meet next weekend!